Shake 'n Bake

The Gateway to Better Cooking

Integrated Marketing Silver Cannonball
2015 Richmond Student Ad Show
Design of the strategy


Lost on the aisle between cornbread, flour, pancake mix, and even spices, the real competition goes far beyond one aisle and even past the grocery store. Families are rushing to conveniently get dinner on the table, making any home-cooked-meal replacement the true competition -- which means anything from frozen dinners to hot rotisserie chickens to drive-thru fast food is drawing away Shake 'n Bake's potential customers.

Business problem

The rise of convenient home-cooked-meal replacements has shifted cooking from a routine to an unfamiliar challenge.

the challenge

We need to convince people that making a home-cooked meal is worth the effort.


Shake 'n Bake is a companion-to-cooking for the intimidated -- a gateway to better cooking.

rising to the challenge

Cooking is intimidating. For many busy young families it can be difficult to have a mealtime routine. An obvious part of being a responsible parent is providing dinner for your family. These parents focus on providing healthy meals that are within their budget, as well as accommodating children who are picky eaters or have allergies, often making it difficult to try something new. Given this mindset, it is much easier to stick to affordable and consistent options, especially if cooking a dish means a risk of burning the entire meal, or more specifically, your hard-earned cash.


Infrequent cooks that "don't have the time or energy" & unconfident cooks that "only know how to cook a few things."

strategy of the design


We’ve taken the product ‘out of the box,’ giving Shake ‘n Bake a fresh new look. By updating new branding and packaging dimensions, Shake ‘n Bake is better positioned to answer the wants and needs of modern shoppers. The new bag doubles as a pouch to shake, eliminating a step and minimizing the mess.

Minimizing intimidation

Over-simplified and generic names such as 'Caribbean' and 'Spicy' appeal to our targets simple-mindedness when it comes to cooking. Limiting their information at first-glance should decrease their initial intimidation.


Visible and simplified contents and cooking instructions allow customers the transparency to see and understand what they're buying -- elaborating on our theme of teaching. The cleanliness and freshness that this packaging design emits supports the brand's new image.

More than chicken

Protein substitution suggestions are visually denoted on the back of the packaging to speak to those with a range of diets as well as encourage experimentation in the kitchen. You'd be surprised how good Shake 'n Bake tastes on zucchini.

Generous portions

All breading products include 2.5 cups of breading, which is more than enough for a four-person meal.

Separating the ingredients

With simple changes to the user experience, Shake ‘n Bake is now a more active and engaging activity without sacrificing the product’s ease of use. By separating key ingredients, we provide an opportunity for greater awareness and involvement including subtle but important moments in the education of a new cook.

Informational Cards

Each Shake 'n Bake product includes a base mix as well as three individually packaged ingredients and coinciding informational cards. These cards give insight into how each ingredient alters and enhances a recipe, particularly in reference to it's product flavor.

Picky Eaters & Allergens

Dividing the product into multiple labeled packages, provides a unique opportunity to be able to omit an ingredient from the recipe. Beyond preference, this may be attractive to those with allergies, specialized diets, and even sensitivity to spices.

open-ended instructions

The instructions are worded so that new cooks aren't stressed by overly particular steps or if they're missing an ingredient. As users become more confident, the instructions also speak to promote experimentation.


Finally, and perhaps the most importantly, our users get the satisfaction of eating something they’ve made themselves. The more confident we can make our customer, the more likely they will return to the brand.


The falafel flavor adds a gluten-free option to the original breading line. The packaging art for the falafel mix has this information noted on the front, since it is an item mostly associated with being glutenous. Mixes that are vegan and avoid allergens through our ingredient separation would have similar informational markings.

We decided to omit the Barbecue flavor from the original breading line so that it could potentially live as a marinade flavor later-on. Other breading flavors could expand to include a coconut seasoning.

*Three ingredient packages are separated from the rest of the contents and have correlating informational cards on their uses. See 'experiential packaging' for example.


Found in the aisle alongside marinades, Shake 'n Bake marinades will stand out against the typical bottled packaging. A sturdy, resealable bag will also double for the functional use of avoidance of spillage in the fridge while the chosen protein is marinading. The product will be priced competitively at $2.99 per kit, which accounts for the increased packaging and separation of ingredients.

*Three ingredient packages are separated from the rest of the contents and have correlating informational cards on their uses. See 'experiential packaging' for example.


Point-of-sale methods will allow us to reach our target when food and cooking are top of mind. In-store examples include frozen-aisle island-style displays, where our target regularly grabs their proteins of choice, as well as in-aisle signage that direct them to our marinades line.


Our target is 40% more likely to agree that "radio is [their] main source of entertainment," especially when their in their car. By targeting local stations during rush-hour, we can stop them in their tracks as they question what to bring home for dinner.


Although only an average of 1-3% of our target is purchasing parenting and cooking magazines, they often make upwards of 40-50% of the magazine readership -- allowing us to connect with our target at optimal moments.


By placing billboards in fast-food jungles and in visibility during the commute home, we remind consumers of the importance of home cooking. Although we may not stop them as they make a split-second decision, we can lead them to question why they aren’t making a meal themselves.

on-ramps to cooking


There is a huge opportunity to dive into the spice market, especially in smaller portions. Being able to buy more 'straws' of pre-measured spices, like the ones from our new packaging, could alleviate a mess in the kitchen as well as decrease intimidation when concocting a new recipe. Strategically devised variety packs of these spices could continue incentivizing buyers to try unfamiliar seasonings, potentially increasing overall brand sales. Additionally, creating these smaller portions keep herbs and spices fresh and tasting their best -- and best translates to increased brand loyalty.

Culinary Instruments

As the brand develops and becomes well-known for its positioning, there is always a potential in expanding the brand into developing its own cookware and utensils.

Cooking Guides

Whether they be in the form of books, television, or social media, cooking guides are an obvious example of continuing culinary education of our now-more-loyal customers.  Shake 'n Bake can potentially stand-out from the classic 'recipe' approach by focusing on guides that center around components of cooking. An example of content would be an episode on differences between butter, margarine, shortening, and oils in baked goods such as cookies -- showing and experimenting without the mess.