A Companionship Application

Published in SIXTY vol. 19, a publication of the VCU Brandcenter.
Design of the strategy


Help more people reap the physical and emotional benefits of chess such as the promotion of brain activity and aid in Alzheimer's and dementia prevention.


Even though playing as few as ten sessions results in cognitive benefits that remain significant for ten years, habit formation is tough and simply outlining benefits is insufficient.


Make connection the reason you play: in order to trigger habit formation, we must focus on emotions, as they steer action far more than logic. Since both couples and friends create lasting traditions together, the beginning of a relationship is an interesting opportunity to spark a love for chess.


Checkmate is designed for 35- to 60-year-old singles who have a hard time meeting people organically and who use dating apps in hopes of finding serious and lasting relationships.

Market Segment

By creating a new dating brand to live under IAC's Match Group, which houses 14 brands like Tinder, PlentyOfFish, and OkayCupid; we can attract a new market segment.

strategy of the design